Church provides meals to starving children

Kids get to take home at least 6 meals

MIAMI – Every day thousands of children go to bed hungry. According to a recent study, there are over 300,000 children in South Florida who aren't sure where their next meal is coming from. This Easter, one church is hoping to fill that gap by providing meals for kids in Miami-Dade County.

During this Easter season, Christ Fellowship Church in Palmetto Bay has recommitted its promise to providing backpacks of food for kids in Miami Dade Schools.

The church partners with Farm Share to fill the bags up with healthy foods.

For many, the only meals the children get are provided by their schools. Those kids go home for the weekend with no hope of eating until Monday.

The church's pastor, Jorge Molina, said, "Children in the United States should not be worrying about that. I thought we had to do something about this."

The backpacks contain six meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner for two days.

Those bags are delivered to several schools and then discretely given to the children at the end of the school week.

"We believe when we reach out in the physical needs, the spiritual need will be reached as well," said Molina.

Along with providing the meals, the church partners with families filling other needs they may have such as providing turkeys at Thanksgiving and gifts during Christmas.

"We are able to start relationships with the family to let them know they are not alone here," said Molina.

On this Easter Sunday, if you want to partner with Christ Fellowship Church and help a starving child, click here.