Newsrooms nationwide share Mr. Awesome's spirit

Sharing the Mr. Awesome spirit of adventure, laughter and kindness


Calder Sloan, 7,  was known as Mr. Awesome, and was all about adventure, laughter and kindness.

A self-portrait that he drew before his tragic death April 13th continued circulating on social media Wednesday.

A family friend asked his Facebook community to take Calder's self-portrait on adventures, and now the One and Only Local 10 News  is asking you to join in. Has your family shared Mr. Awesome's spirit yet?

HERE IS A LINK: Download the poster, share it on social media and use hash tag #MrAwesome to share your photos with  Local 10 News on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. We will add you to the inspiring photo galleries. You can also e-mail links to your company employees' photo galleries to Share@Local10.com