8-year-old chef taking pastry world by storm

Chef donates part of her earnings to dyslexia awareness

MIAMI – While most kids stick a with lemonade stand, one South Florida girl is taking her business dreams further. At just 8 years old, Taylor Moxey is on her way to stardom. She has made thousands selling her cupcakes in Miami, and she's got big dreams of opening her own bakery. 

With a little help from her dad, Taylor the chef is ready to bake. 

As soon as she's done with school, she heads straight to the kitchen. "I have a client on Monday and I get home early. I start baking and I also have dance," said Taylor. 

Taylor just turned 8 years old and she's already a celebrated chef. 

She won the KISS Country Midtown Miami Cornbread Competition, beating other trained chefs in the area.

Before she knew it, orders started pouring in.

People started calling asking, "Is Taylor going to bring her cookies this week? Is she going to bring her cupcakes this week?" said Taylor's dad, Vernon Moxey. 

Taylor's made quite a bit of money. Her profits are in the thousands.

Her inspiration board keeps her motivated along with tips from TV Chefs.

Taylor said, "I like to watch a lot of Food Network and Smith." 

She takes pride in her work, decorating her custom cupcake boxes and carefully packing each little baked confection.

The most important thing for her and her family is giving back. A portion of Taylor's sales go to dyslexia awareness. 

As for the life of this mini chef, it's been busy.

Some of her clients include Citi Bank and HGTV's Bobby Berk. 

For Taylor, she's clearly happy with her sweet success, but has bigger goals in mind.

"The rest of my cooking career is to just fly free and have my own bakery," said Taylor.