Boa constrictor at large in Boca Raton community

Residents in Golden Harbour neighborhood searching for elusive reptile

BOCA RATON, Fla. – A boa constrictor is apparently on the loose in one Boca Raton neighborhood.

Residents in the Golden Harbour community are on the alert after the elusive snake was spotted 10 days ago. The trouble is, nobody has been able to find the snake long enough for state wildlife officers to catch it.

"I couldn't believe my eyes," Becky Davis told Local 10. "It's something you see on TV, not in your own neighborhood."

Davis said there have been emails warning residents to be careful, so she's kept her pet Yorkie on a short leash during walks.

Mike Margolis took pictures of the runaway reptile in his hibiscus tree.

"As I was looking at it, I noticed there was something that wasn't supposed to be there right in here," Margolis said, pointing to the area of the tree where the snake was hiding.

Many believe the snake could be someone's pet that got loose.

"It's not indigenous, so it's either somebody's pet that was released or escaped," Margolis said.

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