Pet macaw rescued from tree in Fort Lauderdale

Sweetie manages to get out of home, ends up trapped in tall tree

(Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue)

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Authorities helped rescue a pet macaw named Sweetie that had escaped her home and became stuck high up in a tall tree during Thursday afternoon's storms.

Sweetie's owner said macaws, although they can fly around the house, have difficulty "dumping air" from beneath their wings when they get that high up.

The owner called 911 and rescue crews arrived shortly after.

Lt. Jake Snowhite, realizing the crew needed some vertical assistance, asked for Tower Ladder 2 from downtown Fort Lauderdale, according to Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue.

"With weather deteriorating we realized we didn't have much time." Snowhite said.

Tower Ladder 2 arrived and a firefighter climbed into the bucket of the truck.

The macaw's owner gave some handling instructions and the crew went to work. After a couple of minutes and a few bites to the hand the bird was returned to her owner wet but unharmed, authorities said.

"She is more than a bird, she is part of the family," the owner told firefighters.