Police report of alleged road-rage incident involving officers obtained

Florida Highway Patrol investigates incident involving 2 Miami-Dade officers

MIAMI – Local 10 News has obtained part of the police report from an alleged road-rage incident involving a Miami-Dade corrections officer and an off-duty Miami-Dade police officer.

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The attorney for corrections officer Georgina Illa identified Jonathan Lang as the off-duty officer who was sitting in the passenger side of a white Mazda driven by his wife.

According to the police report, Illa said the Mazda cut her off on the Florida Turnpike around 11 p.m. Sunday when she flashed her lights and passed the Mazda.

"Miss Illa then observed Mr. Lang throw at her vehicle what appeared to be a plastic cup, then shortly after what she described as a black handgun with a silver tip barrel. Miss Illa attempted to slow down to get away from the vehicle when she heard what was supposedly a gunshot," reads the report.

Illa's attorney, Kenneth Pinos, said she did nothing to provoke the apparent shooting.

According to the police report, Lang had a "minor cut on the right hand index finger" and "scrapes on his right hand."

But when he was asked by Miami-Dade officers as well as Florida Highway Patrol troopers on scene if he had a gun, he said, "No," according to the report.

Pinos said Illa fears for her life.

"Being a police officer, she fears he would be able to locate where she is at and believes that he could come after her," Pinos said.

The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating.

Miami-Dade police said Lang's status is active, but he is currently in the care of a physician.

Illa is expected to give her formal statement on Thursday.