Woman banned from breastfeeding baby at Aventura Mall

Kristie Quinones says security guard came between breast, daughter

AVENTURA, Fla. – Kristie Quinones said she was harassed Tuesday by an Aventura Mall security guard, who came between her breast and her daughter.

"I was nourishing my daughter and not harming anyone," Quinones said. "I never thought this would happen to me. Breastfeeding is nothing to be ashamed of."

She left after the alleged harassment, but Wednesday dozens of women returned -- babies in their laps, breasts out to feed and the law on their lips.

"It's Florida. We are allowed (to breastfeed) anywhere," Quinones said.

Those women who banded together are not alone. Since Tuesday, more than 140 people have been organizing and talking about peace, love and breastfeeding online.

One woman wrote, "Breastfeeding is our right."

Another said, "This is sad, disgusting, heartbreaking, and terrible."

"Omg, that is so infuriating and unbelievable," wrote another woman. "Wth? The mall has some explaining to do, changes to make."

A representative with the mall said it was all a mistake -- one rogue officer, one bad situation.

"They really mishandled the situation," said Anabel Llopis.

But Quinones said their was a bigger problem.

"She just told me it was mall policy to cover up," Quinones said of a mall employee.

Quinones said she just hopes women and families can find peace.