Sun Life Stadium food vendor caught on camera beating puppy

Centerplate CEO apologizes for actions, turns himself in to authorities

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. – The CEO of a giant catering company that services stadiums all over the country, including Sun Life Stadium, was caught on surveillance cameras abusing his dog.

Once the elevator door opens, a scared doberman pinscher cowers and tries to crawl away from the oncoming kicks. The 1-year-old puppy lays low against the elevator wall, but her owner, Desmond Hague, keeps kicking.

Surveillance video then shows Hague leaning down, appearing to yell at the puppy named Sade. But it doesn't end there. He violently yanks the dog not once, but twice, and then pulls her up, dangling her by her leash.

The owner then kicked the puppy a few more times before the elevator doors opened and the abuse finally came to an end.

Miami Dolphins President and CEO Tom Garfinkel confirmed to Local 10 News that the Connecticut-based company, Centerplate, provides catered and concession food to Sun Life Stadium.

"The CEO of Centerplate is accused of the animal abuse seen on the video that's all over the Internet now. What are your feelings about that?" asked Local 10 animal advocate Jacey Birch.

"Well, I'll let Centerplate answer that question, and certainly we don't condone abuse of animals at all, of course," said Garfinkel.

Hague has issued apologies for his behavior, which was caught on camera in July. He also turned himself in to authorities in Vancouver.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has confiscated Hauge's dog as it conducts an animal cruelty criminal investigation.

"When you see that video, did you have a gut reaction being that that's one of your vendors?" Birch asked Garfinkel.

"I haven't had the chance to see it yet, no," said Garfinkel.

The Dolphins organization would not release the details of its contract with Centerplate, while the concessions director refused to discuss their food service company.

Centerplate announced Wednesday afternoon that Hague will not be fired. Instead, he'll donate $100,000 to create a foundation to support the protection of animals and perform 1,000 hours of community service.

As for Sade, she will be adopted to a new family.

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