Taravella High School student recommended for expulsion, according to source


CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. – A student accused of setting a fire in a locker room at Taravella High School in Coral Springs has been recommended for expulsion, according to a source. But the Broward County school board has not confirmed whether 17-year-old Alexander Montilla will be expelled at this point.

The teen was arrested at his home in Margate on Tuesday, after he allegedly poured nail polish remover on the ground and lit the liquid on fire, which resulted in 3-foot high flames.

Montilla now faces felony charges.

Police said another fire was started by a different student at the school on Monday. Video of the fire being set doesn't show the student's face, but police said they know who he is and charges will soon be filed.

Besides the two fires, numerous fights have occurred at the school this week and a pulled fire alarm forced an evacuation of the school on Monday. Threats of a mass shooting at the school have also been made on social media. Police said they know who is responsible for the online threats as well.

On Thursday, parents were invited to Taravella High School for a meeting about what's going on, as their children try and stay focused in class.

"There's a lot of police, they're everywhere," said one student, Vanessa Rivera.

"The fire and the fights and all -- it's just crazy man," said another student, Ashley Telesco.

The school's principal maintains that the school is safe. Still, Coral Springs police officers will remain on campus Thursday to assure classes and activities operate safely.

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