Clay's Plays: Breakdown of Dolphins-Packers


MIAMI – We could talk about the great work the Dolphins did to seemingly take control of this game in the fourth quarter, or we could talk about the questionable play calling on their last offensive drive, which left the Packers with extra time on the clock. But this game was lost primarily because Aaron Rodgers beat them on three critical plays on the final drive of the game.

3. The Fake Spike

Cam Wake said he was expecting it. But the rest of the Fins defense appeared to be at least a little surprised. Regardless, Rodgers' Dan Marino impression IN MARINO'S HOUSE did two things: 1. It gave the Packers another critical first down and allowed Davante Adams to get out of bounds in time to give the Packers six full seconds to score the game-winner, and 2. It showed the Packers were supremely confident and in attack mode. The play gained 12 yards but the momentum boost was even bigger than that.

2. Rodgers TD pass to Quarless

This is obvious: it won the game. It was a perfect play in the situation because it was a quick decision by Rodgers, a throw that only Quarless could catch and, even if it was incomplete, the Packers would have had time for one more shot at the end zone.

1. 4th and 10

When Cam Wake lamented in the locker room that this game came down to "one play," he wasn't talking about the touchdown pass. The Fins forced the Packers into a 4th and 10, where a stop wins them the game. Then, everything went wrong. First, Joe Philbin called a timeout. While he said he did it to make sure his own players knew what to do, it allowed Rodgers and a reeling Packers offense to regroup. The result? Rodgers found Jordy Nelson for the conversion on a play where Brent Grimes fell down in coverage. That kept the drive alive and, ultimately, led to the game-winner.