Clay's Plays: Breakdown of Dolphins-Jaguars


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Another week, another win, and the Fins are now back over .500. While the offense struggled much of the game, the D and special teams held it down until one big play. With that said:

3. Louis Delmas interception return for a TD

With the Fins offense in neutral and the Jags trying to strike first, Louis Delmas came up with the big play Miami badly needed. It appeared Jags QB Blake Bortles couldn't see Delmas when he made the throw (or expected him to break the other way), but he certainly saw the Dolphins safety running 81 yards the other way for the TD.

2. Brent Grimes interception return for a TD

With the Fins offense...still...Stuck in neutral after one half, the Jags could've made it a brand new ball game by opening the 2nd half with a score. Instead, Bortles threw one towards the sideline where Grimes was more than happy to accept the gift and waltz in for the score. 17-3 Miami

1. Tannehill deep pass down the sideline to Wallace

This didn't go for a score, but it was still, in my view, the most important play of the game. While the Fins defense and special teams did their jobs all game long, the offense didn't catch up until this play. It was a good throw, a great catch, and it opened up everything the rest of the way.

From that point on, running and underneath throws were child's play for the Fins' O since safeties now had to respect Wallace and the deep passing game. There was still work to do, but this play helped the offense click just as the rest of the team had been doing all day.