Teens charged as adults in Liberty City club shooting

Will Campbell, 17, Jamiroquai Young, 16 accused in shooting at The Spot that left 15 people injured

MIAMI – Two teenagers accused in last month's shooting at a nightclub in Liberty City are being charged as adults.

Will Campbell, 17, is facing 15 counts of attempted first-degree murder and Jamiroquai Young, 16, is charged as an accessory to the mass shooting.

According to detectives, Young and the target of the shooting, Trevon Simmons, 15, had issues with each other and got into a fight at Norland High School.  A witness told police that Young pointed Simmons out to Campbell at The Spot, and that's what led to the shooting.

Police said Campbell shot Simmons five times in the abdomen and shot 14 others, ranging in age from 13 to 26 years old, while running away from the scene.

At Campbell's court appearance on Tuesday, his aunt, who helped raise him, told Local 10 News that her nephew is a good person.

"He's a nice playful person. Ask anybody. They would tell you good stuff about Will," said Lula Scott. "Nobody can say bad stuff about Will, nobody."

Police said Young admitted to being inside the club, but he denied knowing Campbell. Investigators said they were able to prove that he was lying by tying the two as friends on Facebook.

"He knowingly lied," prosecutor Mary Ernst said at Young's first court appearance earlier this month. "He demonstratively lied, and as a result of that he attempted to stop his friend from being arrested."

Police said the teen's denial hurt their quest for a motive.

"It complicated our ability to reconcile some of the physical evidence that was found on the outside of the club," detective Eldys Diaz said.

Initially, Judge Orlando Prescott said the state didn't have enough evidence to prove Young was at a teen night at The Spot and released him in the custody of his parents until his Tuesday court appearance.

Campbell's attorney maintains that his client was not the gunman.

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