Milberg's Musings: I do to same-sex marriage


The weekend was an especially joyous one for two friends who got married Sunday. 

Both are pillars of this community; both have dedicated their lives to public service and justice. They have been together some 19 years, a generation-worth of the love and support and family a meaningful relationship builds. Plus, they have a blast together.

You may have guessed by now that my friends are men, and they planned Sunday's beautiful wedding in another state, long before Florida's ban on same-sex marriage was overturned. They got tired of waiting.

Late Friday, the highest court in the land, the United States Supreme Court, declined Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi's latest request to keep a stay of that ban in place. That means at close of business Jan. 5, clerks of court in Florida counties may issue marriage licenses to the couples who, until now, have been told that they may not legally form their own families.

To be clear, the stay will be lifted, but the appeals are still in the process at both federal and state levels. Florida taxpayers are footing the bills for those legal processes as long as the attorney general keeps them going, even though case by case by case around the country, appeals are failing; marriage for all is becoming the law of the land.

The opposition Bondi represents is rooted in fear and, they say, faith. They argue Floridians banned same-sex marriage by majority vote. But judges have since ruled that the rights of even one person cannot be taken away, no matter how many other people want it so.

Reality is a marriage -- mine, yours, my friends' this weekend -- affects no one but the two people in it. It is the pursuit of happiness that is about to take its rightful place as just plain normal.

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