Laser therapy helps save lethargic dog

Jaycee provided laser treatment to combat paralysis

PEMBROKE PARK, Fla. – A new laser therapy helped save the life of a dog facing euthanasia.

In declining health, Jaycee was discovered at Miami-Dade County Animal Services.

"She was hit by a car and we think she was hit up by her neck, up by her head, which was causing the paralysis," Cristina Butler, president of the nonprofit A Way for a Stray, told Local 10 News.

The terrier mix couldn't move, walk or eat. Her condition was such that the dog was in danger of being put down.

"The extent of the damage to her nervous system and the tissues was extensive, but they felt there was hope," Renee Bleemer, president of the Animal Welfare Society of South Florida, told Local 10.

So A Way for a Stray pulled the puppy from the shelter and named her Jaycee. Butler then turned to the Animal Welfare Society to try to help Jaycee.

The group used laser treatment to combat the temporary paralysis.

Dr. Max Echevarria, medical director of the Animal Welfare Society, used a cold laser machine that was donated to the group.

"First she was able to sit up, then she was able to stand up, then she had to get the balance on those legs, but it was amazing," Bleemer said.

"And it really didn't take that long," Bleemer said. "Within a month she went from being at death's door to being able to live the rest of her life quite well."

With just a handful of treatments at a cost of $10 each, the laser may have helped save Jaycee's life.

"The moment that we saw her walk for the first time was like -- we were all blown away," Butler said. "It was remarkable."

Jaycee has gained mobility in all three of her legs.

"She's our miracle dog," Bleemer said. "She really is. It's amazing. We were all rooting for her and as her advancements would come along, there would be cheers."

The determined dog is proudly showing off her comeback with her strong strut. Her foster mother has officially adopted her.

Find out more about the Animal Welfare Society low-cost clinic and its laser treatments or help A Way for a Stray.

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