Dog escapes from Hialeah home, attacks neighbors

Animal control officers called to investigate

HIALEAH, Fla. – A dog that escaped from its Hialeah home attacked another dog and injured residents in the neighborhood.

Hialeah police were called to a home off West Ninth Court and West 53rd Avenue after a dog, believed to be an American bulldog, attacked a smaller dog and then bit at least two people trying to break up the fight.

Police said the larger animal escaped from its home and ran down the street. A female owner reportedly ran after it and tried to stop the dogs from fighting, but was overwhelmed and knocked to the ground, according to neighbors.

"I tried to separate the dogs in order to save the lady underneath," said Robert Passarely.

Passarely said he was unloading groceries when he witnessed the commotion and ran across the street to help. He suffered injuries on his hand and leg, but was expected to be OK.

Meanwhile, the small white dog that was attacked was rushed to a vet, and the owner said it will need surgery. That dog is expected to survive.

Animal control was called to the scene and is investigating.

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