Miami firefighters save puppy stuck in storm drain

Couple hears dog's cries for help

MIAMI – Miami firefighters rescued a puppy that was trapped in a storm drain late Thursday night.

The puppy was trapped in a storm drain near Northwest Second Court and Northwest 77th Street about 11 p.m.

Miami Department of Fire-Rescue Capt. Ignatius Carroll said a couple was driving down the street when they heard the puppy crying. They followed the yelping and found the puppy trying to climb out of the drain.

Firefighters arrived and were able to lower a ladder into the drain to rescue the scared puppy.

A nearby resident volunteered to take the puppy, giving the dog a warm bath and food.

"She's doing fine now," Desmond Shuler said. "Woke us up early this morning whining. I guess she was hungry."

The Shuler family said they will take care of the puppy until they can find her a place to call home, but said they are already getting pretty attached to her.

"That's all we want is to make sure she gets a good home," said Shuler. "One that will treat her well and feed her well (and) make sure she sees her full life." 

Carroll said he didn't know how the puppy fell in the drain or how long the dog was there, but neighbors said they believed he had been inside the drain all day.

Anyone who is interested in adopting the puppy is asked to contact Beth Shuler at 786-606-6723, or email her at beth.shuler76@gmail.com.

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