Rare baby crocodiles hatched on Virginia Key

13 hatchlings counted after lengthy incubation period

(NOAA Fisheries)

MIAMI – A rare crocodile hatching was a welcome sight on the shores of Virginia Key.

In all, a total of 13 hatchlings were born from the nest on July 23 after an 84-day incubation period.

While adult crocodiles sightings are not rare in that part of Miami, to have a nest so close to an urbanized area is quite unusual.

The hatching comes during efforts by the Frost Museum of Science's volunteer program (MUVE) to restore Virginia Key to its natural habitat by, in part, removing the non-native Australian Pines on the site.

The museum believes that the location of the nest shows that the improvements to the area are successful and working.

Researchers from the University of Florida tagged the hatchlings and NOAA assisted in the data collection process.

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