James Hutchinson accused of punching horse in face

Prosecutor says Parkland man admitted to hurting horse because animal wouldn't obey him

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A Parkland man is accused of punching a horse because the animal wouldn't obey him.

James Hutchinson, 24, was arrested Tuesday on a charge of animal cruelty causing cruel death, pain and suffering.

Broward County Judge John Hurley said in court Wednesday morning that Hutchinson was accused of hurting an animal, "specifically a horse."

Hutchinson's father told the judge that his son recently graduated from Broward College, where he studied nursing.

Hutchinson is accused of repeatedly punching the horse in the face. A prosecutor said Hutchinson's explanation was that he did it "because the horse just wouldn't obey his commands."

Dana Dotty, who owns the horse, told Local 10 News that she hired Hutchinson to clean the stables six days a week. She said she has surveillance cameras in two of the stalls that captured Hutchinson kicking and punching Emelia.

"He goes into her stall, locks her in and proceeds to beat her," Dotty said.

Hurley set Hutchinson's bond at $2,500. Hutchinson was also ordered to stay away from horses or other animals, other than domesticated animals in his own home.

"You're not allowed to go near barns or stables or anything like that," Hurley said.

Hutchinson told Local 10 that he made a mistake.

Emelia was recovering in her stable Wednesday afternoon.

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