Man arrested in kidnapping of Miami Dade College student

Dmitriy Sergunin, 35, linked to crime by DNA swab


DORAL, Fla. – Miami-Dade police have arrested a man in the armed kidnapping and robbery of a Miami Dade College student.

The incident was reported April 28 at the college's Kendall campus.

According to an arrest warrant, Samantha Valdes, 20, was sitting in her car inside a parking garage when she was approached by Dmitriy Sergunin, 35, who asked her for directions to Building R.

As she was giving him directions, Sergunin pulled out a handgun and told her, "I'm going to get in the car. You're going to remain calm," police said.

Valdes was ordered to drive to a Chase Bank to take out money from an ATM.

Police said Valdes noticed that Sergunin was carrying a long-needled syringes filled with a clear liquid, and lunged at him in an attempt to take it away.

A brief struggle ensued and Sergunin grabbed his gun and pointed it at Valdes again, police said.

The victim took $300 out of her Chase Bank account. Police said Sergunin told her, "All this for $300? Don't you have any other cards?" Valdes told him that she didn't and she was ordered to drive back to the campus.

Police said Sergunin took a photo of Valdes' driver's license and threatened her not to call police because he now had her address.

In fear for her life, Valdes reminded the man that he promised not to hurt her. "Don't worry, I told you  I wouldn't," Sergunin said, according to the arrest warrant. "Aren't I the nicest robber ever?"

Police said Sergunin had most of his face concealed but Valdes noticed his rotting teeth and said he smelled heavily of cigarettes.

An anonymous tip lead to his arrest. Detectives said DNA evidence taken from the inside front-passenger door handle also linked Sergunin to the crime.

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