Javier Orelly accused of decapitating dog that 'looked at him weird'

Arrest report says West Palm Beach man sacrifices animals to cleanse himself

Javier Orelly is accused of decapitating a dog.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – A West Palm Beach man was arrested Tuesday after he decapitated a dog that "looked at him weird," according to a Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office arrest report.

Javier Orelly, 28, faces two counts of animal cruelty stemming from last Thursday's incident.

According to the report, deputies received an anonymous call from someone who claimed to have seen a man "kicking and throwing his dog around." The caller believed that the man was going to kill the dog.

A deputy found Orelly "digging a grave in front of his apartment," the report said. Next to the grave was the body of a large black dog without a head. The decapitated head was resting on top of two rocks.

The deputy saw "two large knives, a small medieval ax and some money" on a red towel. Behind the dog's head was a piece of the dead animal's skin attached to a stick. Below it was a carving with the word "tortura" in large letters.

According to the report, Orelly initially said the dog bit him, but he later changed his story and said "the dog looked at him weird, so he stabbed it in the neck."

Orelly said he tried to cut off the dog's head, but he was having difficulty, so he got a bigger knife, described as a medieval hatchet, and "kept chopping the head until it came off," the report said.

A dead duck was also found next to the dog. Orelly said he also killed the duck, the report said.

According to the report, "Orelly was stressed out and needed to sacrifice animals to cleanse himself."