'When Pigs Fly' mural depicting President-elect Trump comes down

Fear of vandalism prompts artist to take down pre-election cartoon


MIAMI – Artist Rei Ramirez took down his "When Pigs Fly" mural on Biscayne Boulevard at 83rd Street in Miami's Upper East Side neighborhood on Saturday. 

The New Florida Majority, the nonprofit that commissioned the mural, announced the mural was coming down over fear of threats. 

"The building's landlord and neighborhood businesses are getting a lot of pressure and are fearful of potential vandalism," New Florida Majority's Maria Michelle Garcia said in a statement.  She added "the atmosphere seems very tense and dangerous."

 Emotions have been running high since Election Day. As protests of President-elect Donald Trump entered another day nationwide, police were prepared to respond to smaller protests in South Florida. Some 400 #NotMyPresident protesters marched in downtown Miami Friday night.

Protesters in Miami voiced their dissent without damaging property or attacking police officers, who also remained calm. Miami-Dade was a blue county in a red state, so the protests are not a surprise -- just an annoyance to Trump supporters.

Nicolas Quirico was traveling from South Beach to Miami when protesters blocked Interstate 395.

"Trump will be our president. There is no way around that, and the sooner people grasp that, the better off we will be," Quirico told The Associated Press. "There is a difference between a peaceful protest and standing in a major highway backing up traffic for 5 miles. This is wrong."

On social media, there were invitations to protests on Saturday night in Miami's Wynwood and Sunday in downtown Fort Lauderdale. But only dozens showed up to chant on Second Avenue at Northwest 25th Street in Miami and marched to Midtown on Saturday. 

The largest protests were in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago -- and the most dangerous was in Portland, Oregon, where there was a shooting that left one wounded early Saturday morning.

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