Plans for Beckham soccer field remain in the works

Neighbors say Google shows bridge named after soccer star in neighborhood

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – The dusty parcel Team Beckham purchased sits waiting. Next to it, Miami-Dade County still uses its 2-plus acres that the soccer stadium will need, ready to sell.

The last contact with Beckham?

 Last June.

"If we think the market has changed, or if we feel the market has changed, they may call for another set of appraisals," Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez said.

The latest news it that David Beckham and his team are working to finalize one last investor before they move forward with the Miami soccer franchise Beckham  announced more than 2 1/2 years ago. According to a spokesman, it's a major investor will put up half the equity or more. 

 There are still government processes ahead: city zoning for a street closure and county hiring goals.

"We already have  the language back and forth so we think we are pretty close as to what the economic benefit is going to be to the community," Gimenez said.  

Meanwhile the stadium's future neighbors in Spring Garden, who are already concerned and confused about the stadium's pending effects - were blindsided to see Google Maps  identifying the historic 1913 Spring Garden bridge as Beckham Bridge.  

"If it's something not finalized completely,  to have a naming of a  bridge just seems wildly inappropriate," resident Charles Greenfield said.

It turns out, no one in the city or county renamed it Beckham Bridge.

It's even news to Team Beckham, and Google has some explaining to do.

"“It would go hand in hand with the rest of the rape and pillage that has taken place here on the peninsula," resident Skeet Perry said. 

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