Video shows living conditions of dozens of animals in Lighthouse Point home

Linda Giaccio faces more than 70 felony counts of animal cruelty

LIGHTHOUSE POINT, Fla. – Never-before seen video of neglect is now being shown, after cops found dozens of animals in a Lighthouse Point home.

Local 10 News first took viewers inside the home in an exclusive story Thursday night, and now, we are seeing video of the dozens of dogs who were forced to live in the deplorable conditions.

The video shows the living conditions for dozens and dozens of animals that was all captured on video by investigators during a raid of the Lighthouse Point home of Linda Giaccio.

The gut-wrenching images show dogs and cats in need, animal excrement everywhere, filthy animals in filthy conditions, with some animals in cages and some out to roam. Investigators found a terrified, emaciated-looking dog with fur missing.

In total, more than 70 animals were seized on this day in September -- alive and dead -- some very sick.

Giaccio, who faces more than 70 felony counts of animal cruelty, maintains her innocence. There were bowls everywhere apparently to feed the animals, speaking to a judge late last year.

The home in the Lighthouse Point neighborhood had no working utilities. Neighbors complained of the animals and stench, Local 10 News is told most of the animals seized had to be euthanized.