Man accused of setting girlfriend's purse on fire, causing power outages

Flames from burning purse spread to FPL electric box

HIALEAH, Fla. – Angel Santino Milian got  angry at his 17-year-old girlfriend. She told Hialeah police officers that he grabbed her purse and set it on fire with a lighter. 

Milian, 18, then threw the burning purse over the gate of his residence, according to an arrest form. Firefighters believe the burning purse then ignited a palm tree that the City of Hialeah valued at $3,000. 

The flames spread to a Florida Power & Light electric box and caused power outages in the neighborhood, authorities said.

The teenage girl gave a Hialeah detective a video that she said Milian recorded of the incident and sent her. Hialeah police officers arrested him on Friday and he was facing a second-degree arson charge. 


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