Second arrest made years after Coral Spring man killed

Michael Hamilton killed during presumed robbery, police say

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. – It's been six years since the killing of Michael Hamilton, a man who was found dead in his Coral Springs apartment in what was described by police as a bloody crime scene.

"He was not an angry man. He was a kind, gentle soul," the victim's mother, Cathy Hamilton, said.

Cathy Hamilton and her husband now have a sense of closure amid the news that police have now nabbed two men in connection with her son's murder.

"Losing a loved one to murder is never easy, and all those involved want to bring justice for the family of the victim. I am so grateful that we have two arrests in Michael's case," Cathy Hamilton said. "They are no longer among us, and they are now behind bars."

Thanks to DNA evidence, Kadian Roper was arrested a few days ago and charged with first-degree murder.

Police arrested Jason Martinez last fall. He is also charged with first-degree murder because of DNA evidence that was found at the crime scene.

At the time of the July 2011 killing, investigators said money and some other property were missing from the victim’s apartment.

They believed all along that robbery was a motive.

Detectives said an eyewitness has since stepped forward, pinpointing both of the men at the crime scene.

"It's such a horrible, horrific, agonizing crime that you really have a hard time finding any joy or anything positive in it," Detective Scott Myers said.

Cathy Hamilton-Green said she hopes the families of other victims never lose hope that they will get justice for their loved one. 

"If your case is still open, keep the faith," she said. "Don't give up."

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