Domino's apologizes after employee's behavior during Dirty Dining confrontation

Store ordered shut after 200-plus flies found

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. – Domino's is apologizing for an employee's behavior after a Dirty Dining confrontation at a Coral Springs store.

The store had been ordered shut by a state inspector last week because of unsanitary conditions.

When Local 10 News investigative reporter Jeff Weinsier asked questions about a reported fly issue, the employee asked him to leave. 

"There is nobody here to speak to you. Do you mind leaving please?" the employee said.

"Sure," Weinsier said, who then left as requested.

"We don't appreciate people who make false reports,” the employee said.


"False reports," Weinsier said. "It's public record. What's false about it?"

The employee wasn't done yet.

He met Weinsier outside the store with a camera.

"Do you think that's the way a Domino's employee should act?" Weinsier said. 

"Do you think this is the way you should act," the employee said.

"We do a segment called Dirty Dining. You were shut down because you had flies," Weinsier said.

The employee then went inside the store at 11339 West Atlantic Blvd. and locked the doors.

An inspector went to the store last week because someone complained to the state.

The inspector found nine violations.

The kitchen was ordered shut after 200-plus flies were found.

As for the employee, he came back outside the store a second time after his initial encounter with Weinsier.

"Can you guys leave though?” the employee said.

"No," Weinsier said. "You asked us to leave your store, and we left your store. But we wanted to ask why you had 200-plus flying around."


"That's a false report," the employee said.

"What about the fly issue?" Weinsier said. "You said it was a false report. What was false about it?"

"How come you wear glasses?" the employee said.

"How come I wear glasses?" Weinsier said.

"Yes, why do you wear glasses?" the employee said.

"I can't see," Weinsier said.

"Well what happened? What's wrong with your eyesight? " the employee said.

"You were ordered shut last week based on a state inspection. It's public record, because there were flies flying around," Weinsier said.  

"Never heard of that," the employee said.

"You said it was a false report, though," Weinsier said.

"That's because I never heard of it, so it has to be false," the employee said.

Local 10 News checked with the state and the report is 100 percent accurate.

As far as this employees conduct?

Domino's corporate office issued this statement: "We can assure you that this is not what we would expect, nor endorse, and we apologize for that."


The statement went on to address the state inspection.

"We take food safety, quality and sanitation very seriously and the issue at this store has been addressed. The core of the problem stemmed from a building issue that the landlord was not prompt to repair."

 A sign on the door confirms the store closed early one day due to construction issues.

 As far as this employee goes, corporate said they were planning on having a chat with him.

 The Domino's location was allowed to re-open following an ordered cleanup and re-inspection.