No need to go to South Beach; Hialeah street will do for these boys

Heavy rain from Invest92L system over Hialeah causes flooding


HIALEAH, Fla. – A couple of teens went rafting in Hialeah. They weren’t lying. There was enough water to do that in the "City of Progress" Sunday.

The three Westland High School students were listening to Bob Marley’s "Buffalo Soldier." They wore their swimming trunks. One wore his mirrored sunglasses and his Burberry beach hat.

Their fun -- about 30 minutes away from South Beach -- was short. The flood advisory in Miami-Dade County ended at 8 p.m.

Kevin Alcala, Eduardo Baz and Ronald Beccera picked up their inflatable raft near the Mango Plaza at the corner of 37th Street and 12th Avenue.

Social media users also reported minor flooding at the intersection of West 12th Avenue and 44th Place and near West 34 Street.

On West 39th Street, a woman was showing her son the flooding in their backyard, when her husband shouted in good humor, "Look at that shark!" The little boy ran out of the water scared. 


Here is the video (Warning: Offensive language)

Local 10 News' Andrea Torres contributed to this report.