Cellphone video shows man kicking dog that was killed outside South Beach apartment building

Woody Pierre released on bond

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Watchful neighbors recorded just a small part of what was allegedly a murderous attack on a helpless dog.

From a nearby balcony, a cellphone camera shows a man, believed to be Woody Pierre, kicking his 7-month-old puppy named Lucy. 

Police said Pierre had the dog wedged down between a walkway and fence, tied up with no way to escape.

One witness can be heard gasping in the video as Pierre appears to kick the puppy in the head and then proceeds to use his foot to smash the dog down against the fence.

The video shows Pierre taking a break as the dog was still alive to clean the walkway.

But a short time later, neighbors said the attack continued and Lucy was killed in the courtyard of the South Beach apartment building.

"Horrific -- absolutely horrific experience that I'm only seeing it on a video," animal advocate Mary Thingelstad said. 

While she is relieved Pierre was arrested, Thingelstad is upset that Pierre is now back out on the streets on bond. 

"A person who can stoop that low to murder a poor, defenseless animal, and he's allowed back out? No, he needs to start right away and stay in jail," Thingelstad said. 

It's unclear what the witnesses actually saw, or whether any of them tried to intervene.  

They did call police, who discovered the dog dead.

Authorities said Pierre told police he was upset the dog had gone to the bathroom in the apartment.