24 units damaged after Coral Springs condo building catches fire

No one injured in fire

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. – A condominium building caught fire Monday in Coral Springs.

The fire started shortly after noon at the Ramblewood East condominiums, south of Wiles Road and east of University Drive.

Sky 10 was above the scene as firefighters battled the flames.

Local 10 News reporter Carlos Suarez said at least 24 units were damaged in the fire. He said residents were being told to gather at the clubhouse while they determine a temporary housing solution.

"Thank God my daughter is OK, but everything inside the apartment is gone," Margaret Noisette said. 

A woman said she was asleep when she awoke to the smell of smoke and a frantic call from her mother. By the time she made it out, much of her home was gone.

"I ran outside and the whole hall was covered in smoke, so I ran back inside, grabbed my wallet and my keys and I left," Sheila Mardy said. 

Neighbors said the fire appeared to have started in the second-story of a condo. The fire burned through a patio and made it out onto the roof. 

A pair of gaping holes show the extent of the damage and the intensity at which things burned. 

"I used to live here. That's my sister's apartment, and I called her at work and said, 'Your apartment is on fire,' and she couldn't believe it," Patricia Esper said. "Everything got burned down in there."

With much of the structure now gone, the attention shifts to the folks affected, who will have to find elsewhere to stay. 

"We have 24 residential units that are affected right now," Coral Springs Fire Department Div. Chief Mike Moser said. "Those people will be displaced from their homes. The Red Cross will be called, and we have county transit on their way to assist (them) to a temporary facility."

No one was injured in the fire, authorities said.