Pack of 'assassins' attack cats in Deerfield Beach

Janene Fay says she came home to find cat dead; neighbor's cat wounded

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. – Residents in a Deerfield Beach neighborhood are on the alert after a pack of dogs attacked their cats, killing one and wounding another.

Janene Fay described her cat's killers as "a group of assassins."

The overnight attack was captured last week on a home security camera along Southeast Fourth Street. It shows four dogs ganging up on Fay's 6-year-old rescue cat.

"I went to the gym that morning and came home and saw my poor cat, you know, on the front lawn," Fay said.

Janene Fay poses with her rescue cat.

Her neighbor's cat was also ambushed but survived.

"No one should have dogs that vicious in the first place," Allison Warner said.

She said her boyfriend chased the dogs off. In the end, her cat limped away with only a couple of stitches.

Neighbors said they've been calling Broward County Animal Care seeking help. 

Broward County Animal Care did not respond to requests for comment.

"I mean, we have so many other animals in this neighborhood, and little children," Warner said.

More people in the neighborhood have come forward to say their cats haven't been seen since last week's attacks.

The dogs are still on the loose.

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