Hot in Hialeah: Wild road rage captured on video

Man seen punching SUV


HIALEAH, Fla. – You can tell it's summer in South Florida when more than thermometers reach their boiling point.

But who knows if the high temps are to blame for a wild Hialeah road rage incident captured on video Monday.

@dana_cbr and the folks at Only.In.Hialeah.305 shared the craziness as it occurred near Northwest 87th Avenue and West 28th Court.

The video starts with a man approaching the driver's side window of an SUV. The man begins yelling at those inside the vehicle, and then moves to the front of the SUV where he shows off his muscles before punching the grill.

When the SUV heads back down the road in reverse, the man runs after and hops on the vehicle.

The unidentified man then walks away and returns to his car.

Police arrived at the scene after the man had left and the victim refused to file a report.

There's no word on what caused tempers to flare.