6 dead rodents, rodent feces found at popular South Florida market

Mold on outdated cheese also discovered at Laurenzo's Italian Market

NORTH MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Six dead rodents, rodent feces in almost every department, mold on outdated cheese and a brown pastry loaf were just some of the violations recently found at Laurenzo's Italian Market.

The market is located at 16385 W. Dixie Highway in North Miami Beach.

Local 10 News has learned that a sanitation and food safety inspector from the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services was at Laurenzo's on Aug.15.

The inspector also noted rice infested with insects and gnaw marks and holes in product packaging, exposing the product. A rodent trap was also found on baking equipment.

CLICK HERE to read full food safety inspection report for Laurenzo's. 

A "stop use order" was issued on the store's backroom processing area.

Laurenzo's has been a fixture in North Miami Beach for 60 years.

The Department of Agriculture does not order entire supermarket's shut, but instead, they order a stop use on certain areas.

A re-inspection will be conducted within 14 days.

The inspector ordered all of the areas to be adequately cleaned and sanitized

Below is a list of some of the violations found.

Cake finishing room:

"Observed 5 dead mice on glue-board trap installed underneath shelving in storage hallway adjacent

"Observed 1 dead mouse on glue-board trap installed underneath shelving positioned directly underneath the a/c handler and ducting."

"Observed bags of rice infested with grain insects held at retail sale adjacent deli display case."

"Observed several food products with gnaw marks and holes in product packaging, thus exposing the food. Stored on retail storage shelves throughout area." 


"Observed several food products with gnaw marks and holes in product packaging, thus exposing the food, stored on retail storage shelves throughout area."

"Observed large metal container with feta cheese covered in mold and observed brown pastry loaf covered in mold stored inside walk-in.”

"Observed fontina cheese bearing date mark of 06/27/18, current date 08/15/18, product consumed with mold." 


"Observed rat/mouse trap stored on top of baking equipment adjacent 3 bay sink."


"Observed rodent excreta(waste matter discharged from the body, especially feces and urine.) Throughout entire retail area, deli, bakery, seafood department, meat department, cake finishing room and back room."

"Food establishment does not ensure active managerial control due to the following violations cited and observed: Improper cooling methods, sanitization of equipment, and employees not properly trained in food safety as it relates to their assigned duties."

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