Woman celebrates 108th birthday in Coral Springs

Happy Birthday Tillie Sirera!


CORAL SPRINGS, Fla. – It was quite the surprise party for Tillie Sirera, who turned 108 years old on Wednesday at the Park Summit assisted living facility in Coral Springs. 

Sirera says she knew she would be blessed with a long life when she opened a Chinese fortune cookie many years ago.

"Well, the fortune cookie says it is going to keep going -- on and on," Sirera joked. "I wish she didn’t give me that cookie."

Lisa Capon, Sirera's granddaughter, said the great grandmother is a spitfire. 

"She has a lot of energy and even at 108 she she has opinions on everything and loves a nice glass of wine at night," Capon said. 

Judy Fetzer, Sirera's daughter, said her memory is better than hers. Sirera, who was born in Spain in 1910 and moved to the United States when she was 20, moved to Florida when she turned 25.

Sirera moved to Florida when she turned 95. Denise Day, Sirera's granddaughter, said she enjoys her surprise birthday parties. 

"We started at 100 with a big surprise party for her and she said, 'This is it. This is my last one.' Now we are at 108," Day said. 

For this party, the city of Coral Springs made a proclamation. She loves bingo, blackjack and bowling on the Wii. She also watches "Wheel of Fortune" and she likes pizza. Often she will smuggle extra slices from the dining room for later. She also exercises every morning. The family has already reserved a room for her 109th birthday next year.