Thieves make off with Halloween decorations in Miami-Dade

Homeowner's surveillance video shows 2 men pilfering pumpkins

MIAMI-DADE COUNTY, Fla. – A pair of thieves were caught on camera this week stealing Halloween decorations from several homes in a South Miami-Dade County neighborhood.

Surveillance video shows two black-clad men stealing eight of Teresa Prol's decorative metallic pumpkins  early Monday in the Crossings neighborhood. 

"The cost is minor," Prol said. "It's just the fact that they shouldn't do these things."

Across the street from Prol's home, Ken Serig said his family's plastic pumpkins were also stolen.

"It's sad that someone is doing that," Serig said. 

Prol said she bought more pumpkins, but she won't be placing them outside to welcome trick-or-treating children until the night of Halloween.

"I would like for them to be ashamed of whatever they did -- and that’s it," Prol said.

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