Hialeah police caught on camera deploying Taser on man inside Ross store

Woman recording incident says suspect was stunned multiple times with Taser

HIALEAH, Fla. – Hialeah police were caught on camera Thursday deploying a Taser on a man inside a Ross clothing store.

Witnesses told Local 10 News reporter Christian De La Rosa that the officers went too far.  

A woman inside the store recorded the incident with her phone as the man was detained.

Officers were heard telling the man to stop resisting.

"The guy is on the floor, so why use any more force?" the woman calls out to the cops in the video. 

The woman said police used their Tasers again.

"Why use any more force? He's already on the floor. What can he do? Four on top of one?" she asks the officers, getting no response. 

"They have him facedown. They put the cuffs on him," she later told De La Rosa. 

The woman who recorded the video asked Local 10 News to conceal her identity because she fears retaliation from police for speaking out.

The witness said she was on her way into the Ross on West 49th Street in Hialeah when the incident began and claims the man had already been stunned with the Taser before she started recording.

"You feel this was an excessive use of force?" De La Rosa asked the woman.

"That's right. Definitely," she said. "I am not against police. I have nothing against anybody, but I just cannot see any injustice."

Hialeah Fire Rescue officials confirmed they treated the suspect and released him back to police custody.

Local 10 News has contacted the Hialeah Police Department for comment and is awaiting a response.


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