Candlelight Thanksgiving dinner? It looks that way in area of Hialeah

FPL reports 770 without power in Hialeah

HIALEAH, Fla. – Florida Power and Light is investigating a power pole fire that almost ruined a few turkey dinners in Hialeah.

Several witnesses shot video of the flames rising on a pole behind a home at 641 N.E. 4th Place around 5:30 p.m. Thursday.

“We were just outside, and all of the sudden we hear, like, fireworks sparking,” said Ernesto Cruz.

Cruz was with family nearby when a neighbor spotted the pole ablaze.

“We see the post. It started catching fire - black smoke, then fire. Then it dripped fire on the grass,” Cruz said.

According to Capt. David Rodriguez with Hialeah Fire Rescue, crews responded to control the flames, but FPL had to shut off power to more than 700 customers in the area for safety.

That meant family gatherings in the area were in the dark, and uncooked Thanksgiving dinners were in jeopardy.

Rebecca Castillo still had a turkey in the oven and tostones poised for the frying pan. She illuminated the center island in the family kitchen with lanterns while family relaxed outside.

But crews worked into the night, and about an hour later some lights were restored.

Power was back by around 8 p.m. where Castillo was cooking.

Dinner was a little later than expected, but no one seemed too upset about it.

“It’s still a blessing because nothing was harmed and no one got hurt and we’re still alive,” Castillo said. “Better late than never -- we’re still going to have our happy Thanksgiving.”

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