Las Olas Art Fair returns for 31st year

Artists from all over the world showcased work

The Las Olas Art Fair returned this weekend for the 31st annual celebration. There were over 300 artists showcasing their art of all kinds.

The Las Olas Art Fair offered more than just art, they had jewelry, clothing, books, and much more. There was also the chance to window shop and eat at restaurants on Las Olas Boulevard.

Anyone had the chance to attend the fair and they have the opportunity to talk to the artists who created the art. They also had the chance to buy the amazing art.

Local 10 talked to Joachim McMillan, one of the artists who was showcasing his art. "I have been painting since I was a boy and my father has always been an inspiration for me to keep working on art," McMillan said.

There were police officers all along the strip making sure everyone was safe and controlling traffic coming in and out of Las Olas.

Part two of the Las Olas Art Fair will be March 2 and March 3. If you want more information about the art fair, click here.



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