Pit bull tossed over fence in Fort Lauderdale was second to be abandoned in neighborhood

Another dog found tied to stop sign over weekend, witness says

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – A pit bull that was abandoned this week when it was tossed over a fence in Fort Lauderdale was checked out by a veterinarian Thursday.

The dog, named Gorgonzola by the people who found her, was actually the second pit bull abandoned in the same neighborhood near Northeast Ninth Street and 16th Terrace in just the last few days.

"I cried immediately. You saw, it just seemed she hit the ground so hard," Ashley Steffen said. 

Surveillance video shows a man throwing the young female pit bull over the fence early Wednesday morning.

Steffen and her roommate, Tanya Vartanian, were sleeping, but they were awakened by their dog, Boomer, who was barking at the four-legged intruder.

"I woke up Ashley and kind of was like, 'Um, there's something in our yard,'" Vartanian said. 

Terrified, Gorgonzola refused to come out of the bushes.

Finally, on Thursday morning, they were able to bring her to the veterinarian, but she didn't have a microchip.

Residents said another pit bull was found Saturday tied to a stop sign across the street.


"He was actually tied to that stop sign over there, and no one would approach him because it's a pit bull and people were scared of him," Juan Barriga said. 

Barriga said the dog's tail started wagging when he approached. That's when he realized how bad of shape the pit bull was in. 

He believes the dog had been used as a bait dog for dogfighting.

"He has an open gash. You can see all over, right here that he has bite marks from fighting, from dogs biting him -- not him fighting," Barriga said. 

Both dogs are now in safe hands, and the one that was believed to have been used as a bait dog is already heading to a safe, loving home after receiving treatment with the help of Barriga and iHeart Animal Rescue.

As for who is responsible for dumping them, police need the public's help.

Anyone with information is asked to call Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-8477.

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