'Alpine' spray-painted throughout Hialeah condo complex

Residents say Alpine Towing tows cars every day

HIALEAH, Fla. – Residents who live at the Terrazas Sol condominiums in Hialeah woke up Friday to find the outside of their homes and some of their vehicles vandalized.

The front doors of condos, windows and some cars were covered in spray paint overnight.  

The name "Alpine" was written just about everywhere you looked, and the red and black spray paint caused thousands of dollars' worth of damage. 

"My wife had called me this morning that there was graffiti all over with Alpine signs on it," resident Noel Suarez said.

Local 10 News reporter Roy Ramos spotted signs on the property that read "Alpine Towing." 

"It states on there that they tow after 10, but they come at 6," Suarez said.

Residents Ramos spoke with said they've had issues with the company towing vehicles from the complex.  

"The cars are being towed constantly. They are here every day and every night," Suarez said.

Residents feel the vandalism may have been a response to the tow company's actions. But they said it was still uncalled for.

"I totally disagree with what happened here," Suarez said. "There is other ways of getting to it. But I guess the message that he was trying to send here is that his car was towed a couple of times and he is really fed up."

Hialeah police said they are investigating the vandalism. 

An Alpine Towing manager said the company is working closely with detectives, who might have identified a person of interest. 

Anyone with further information is asked to call Miami-Dade Crime Stoppers at 305-471-8477.

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