Nationwide systems outage causing customs delays in South Florida

Waits up to 2 hours at Miami International Airport

MIAMI – A nationwide computer systems outage is causing massive delays Friday at South Florida airports and ports.

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection office said officials are working to address the situation while officers are using "alternative procedures until systems are back online."

International passengers arriving at Miami International Airport are waiting in line up to two hours to be processed.

Despite the delays, some took the long wait in stride.

"Everyone is well-behaved." said London passenger Jennifer Moline. "Everyone's kind of tired because we just came off of a 10 hour flight, but I've seen the hall more packed than it was, so at least there was a good amount of oxygen."

MIA issued a statement via Twitter, saying "A nationwide @CBP outage is causing delays in processing international arrivals. @CBPFlorida officers are working to process passengers as quickly as possible but you may experience delays. We thank you for your patience during this time."

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