Fake doctor's butt enlargement procedure nearly kills woman in Hialeah, detectives say

Police: Ena 'Charito Nalgas' Boulton arrested over illegal cosmetic practice

HIALEAH, Fla. – Detectives said an $800 at-home butt enhancement procedure left a Hialeah woman in a coma for about two months, and when she woke up she was left suffering from a speech impairment, motors skills deficiency and deformed extremities. 

Hialeah Police Department detectives said Ena Boulton, who was practicing medicine without a license, alleged to have injected Mariela Alonso, 33, with Bio-Alcamid, a cosmetic surgery synthetic filler that is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration due to a risk of adverse effects.

While in Alonso's home in Hialeah, Boulton, 60, gave her some type of medication before injecting her twice in each gluteus, while in her bedroom, as she was facedown on her bed, according to Detective Kinshun Mui


"She subsequently began to experiencing severe pain, and [Boulton] advised her to drink sugared water," Mui wrote in the Aug. 21 arrest warrant. "She began to vomit blood and [Boulton] told her that she was okay."

Sgt. Gene DeLima said the complications continued: After she was treated for pneumonia at Palmetto Hospital and prescribed Levaquin, an antibiotic, Alonso complained of shortness of breath, and Hialeah Fire Rescue personnel rushed her to Larkin Community Hospital.


When DeLima arrived to the hospital Aug. 30, 2018, he reported Alonso was in a medically-induced coma, which included no brain activity, and Dr. George Yatzkan said her prognosis was grim, according to Mui.

While Alonso couldn't speak, her stepmother, Yohanka Iglesias, told DeLima that Alonso had saved the contact of the person who performed the procedure as "Charito Nalgas" on her mobile phone, according to Mui.


Iglesias sent a text message to Boulton, who admitted to having used the dangerous filler, according to Mui. 

Detective Carlos Garcia met with Alonso's best friend, Rosmelin Canet Rios, who said she was with Alonso when she met Boulton at an apartment building at 8830 NW 36 St., in Doral to discuss the illegal procedure, according to Mui. 

Alonso woke up from the coma Nov. 5 at Memorial Regional Hospital in Hollywood, and despite the speech impairment, she was able to confirm Rios' account and identify Boulton as the unlicensed fake doctor, according to Mui. 


Detectives arrested Boulton on Thursday, and she remained at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center after appearing in Miami-Dade County bond court on Friday.

Boulton faces charges of practice of a health care profession without a license causing serious injury and medicine practice without a license.

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