Florida not being threatened by any tropical development


No tropical development is expected through late next week.

There is suspicious-looking disturbed weather east and south of Florida, but neither system is a threat to develop. They are primarily upper-level systems. The moisture in the Caribbean is forecast to move north midweek increasing the rain chances across South Florida.

After that, the computer forecast models indicate that a front will stall in the vicinity of South Florida about a week from now. It will extend from the Gulf across the Bahamas into the Atlantic. We will watch to see if something spins up along the front. That’s not an uncommon development in October, though there is no specific indication that’s going to happen at this time.

In the middle of the Atlantic, computer forecast models indicate that a system might develop in the next few days. The National Hurricane Center is giving that development a slight chance to happen. In any case, it would not be a threat to land anytime soon, if at all.

Otherwise, we’ll watch near Central America. There is general low pressure there, and sometimes systems emerge from that. But again, while we see the lower pressures, no systems appear imminent.    

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