Mother wonders how justice served after case dropped against daughter's accused killer

Noricia Talabert gunned down in October 2015

MIAMI – A South Florida mother spoke publicly for the first time since her daughter's accused killer walked free last month, his case dropped because a key witness did not show up to testify.

Next week will be four years since Noricia Talabert was shot to death in Florida City.

The college-bound high school honors student was caught in gunfire targeting someone else. 

"Right now, I've been really struggling since I didn't get any justice," her mother, Regina Talabert, told Local 10 News.

Christopher Walker, the 19-year-old who had been arrested for the murder, has been free since the case was dropped last month.

He has nine other unrelated open charges dating back to when he was 13 years old, including aggravated assault with a firearm, battery and grand theft auto.

Talabert joined a radio program Thursday morning hosted by the victims' advocate Tangela Sears, whose organization, Parents of Murdered Children, has worked to change laws protecting witnesses to crimes. Among the members are families of victims whose killers walk South Florida streets because those with evidence against them fear for themselves in a system where accusers must face the accused in the courtroom.

Regina Talabert's aim is to make sure what happened to her family doesn't happen to others.

"I didn't get any, but I'm going to fight and hope that somebody gets justice," she said.

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