Brazen criminals caught trying to break into Coconut Creek home

Same 2 men may have robbed Tamarac home hour later

COCONUT CREEK, Fla. – Surveillance cameras are rolling outside a Coconut Creek home late one summer afternoon.

Captured in the footage are two men trying to break into the house.

"For them to smash my windows, 6 o'clock in the afternoon with my kids in the house, is very scary," Michael Ferguson said. 

The Fergusons' 4-year-old and adult son were inside as the two would-be crooks tried smashing their way in, but they could not break through their impact windows.

"If we had not had those in, they would've been in here," Benita Ferguson said.

But this family's sigh of relief quickly turned into panic when they saw a similar situation while watching a report on Local 10 News.

Surveillance video of two burglars rummaging through a home not too far away in Tamarac.

"These look like the same people that were in our yard trying to get into our house," Benita said. 

The two broke into that Tamarac home through a glass door, stealing thousands of dollars' worth of jewelry.

A black Chevrolet Tahoe was possibly used as their getaway vehicle.

Both incidents happened just an hour apart from each other last Wednesday.

Benita Ferguson said she believes it's the same duo who tried to break into her house.

The Fergusons contacted Local 10 in order to spread the word, asking neighbors keep an eye out in hopes the brash burglars are caught.

"Hopefully law enforcement will get them, before a homeowner does," Benita said. 

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