Surveillance video captures burglar crawling on floor of Tamarac home

Woman says she's come home with loaded gun ever since burglary

A Tamarac woman's home surveillance video catches two burglars creeping through her living room.

TAMARAC, Fla. – Surveillance video captured one of two burglars crawling on the floor of a Tamarac woman's home.

The woman, who only identified herself as Venise, said she logged on to her home security camera to check on her dog as she does every day, but what she saw Wednesday took her by surprise.

"I see these two guys in my house, one on the floor and one creeping around," she told Local 10 News.

What wasn't seen was the thousands of dollars' worth of jewelry the thieves took, including Venise's engagement ring and her husband's wedding band.

"I couldn't sleep that night," she said. "I stayed up with my gun in my hand."

"I couldn't sleep that night," Venise recalls after her Tamarac home was burglarized. "I stayed up with my gun in my hand."

Venise said the burglars, wearing hooded sweatshirts and gym shorts, locked her dog in the room. She believes they ultimately ran off because they were startled by the barking. 

"There's so much I'm feeling," Venise said. "I feel violated." 

Video also shows a black Chevrolet Tahoe circling her house at about the time of the burglary. Venise believes the two are connected. 

Her valuables are gone, and so is her sense of security. 

"I go home with a loaded gun when I go inside my house and I check every room," she said. "I check all my closets. I check all the doors. I'm a wreck right now, because I'm scared. I'm afraid."

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