Want to be happy in Miami, better make this much... a year


MIAMI – Apparently, it takes more than warm weather, beautiful beaches and multiple cultural influences to be truly happy in Miami.

It takes cash. Lots and lots of cash.

According to a new study by Purdue University and GoBankingRates.com, you’ll need to make at least $143,955 a year to be happy in the Magic City.

The study claims “happy” means the amount of money which no longer changes your level of emotional well-being.

“Emotional well-being was measured according to a person’s day-to-day emotions, including happy, excited, sad and angry.” the study claims.

The Miami salary needed for Life Evaluation, which is defined by overall life satisfaction, was a bit lower at $130,245.

Luckily, for plain emotional well-being, you’d only need to earn between $82,260-$102,825. So there’s that.