Bob Marley exhibit celebrates his life and career

By Neki Mohan - Anchor/Reporter , Matthew Fuhrman

MIAMI - "Bob Marley Messenger" is the brain child of the Marley family put together by the Grammy Museum at L.A. Live in Los Angeles to showcase some never before seen photographs and memorabilia from his life. It opened October 10th at HistoryMiami Museum in Downtown Miami.

On opening night, Ky Mani Marley sang some of his dad's favorite songs in a packed sing along. Daughter Karen Marley walked Local 10's Neki Mohan through the exhibit. 

"I think it's incredible it's very touching, even when I just came in here, and I was looking, I have seen these pictures before,  still I was brought to tears. I was like regroup Karen! It's a history of dad and his music and a little bit of Jamaica too. "said Marley.

"Why do you think so many people still connect to your father today?" asked Mohan.

"I think it's because of the man he is, the music,the message. He was so authentic in what he wanted,"  said Marley

The exhibit is very interactive. You can drum with Marley's signature songs, or listen to artists he influenced and why in a video feature.

For HistoryMiami curator Joanne Hyppolite it was fascinating to learn more about the reggae Icon.

"I remember thinking, I didn't know Bob Marley until I saw this exhibit, I knew his music.....I didn't know his childhood, I didn't know his life. There were surprising things, that he struggled with his biracial identity," said Hyppolite.

The artifacts were then arranged in the first floor of the museum with floor to season photographs and an amazing mural by local artist Trek 6.

"We thought the photographs were the best part of the exhibition , there are over 40 of them from the Marley family."

They really show behind the scenes of Bob Marley's life, his family growing up, and  getting ready to perform,

"We had to make sure people got enough space and room to look at those photographs and interact with them,"  said Hyppolite.

Bob Marley Messenger is open through January 5, then it moves to the Bob Marley Museum in Jamaica.

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