Brothers honored for helping teen hit by car

Conrad, Austin Hines honored for helping Eric Quinn

MIAMI - Two brothers were honored Thursday for helping save the life of a teenager who was hit by a car while waiting at a bus stop in Miami Gardens.

Conrad and Austin Hines were recognized by Miami Police and Alonzo and Tracey Mourning High School for their actions. Two months ago, a car barreled into a Miami Gardens bus stop where four people were waiting. Eric Quinn, 16, was trapped underneath.

"It was me and my brother and a few other people that jumped in on the side. We counted to three and just lifted and two other people ran up and dragged him out. He was just calm and laid there and moaning," said Conrad Hines.

In a tearful reunion last month, Quinn thanked the brothers for their fast thinking and selfless action that he says saved his life.

"Thank you all for lifting the car off of me," said Quinn. "I was looking up and saying 'Thank you God. Thank you.'"

Following the crash, Quinn had a broken femur, crushed pelvis, and burned hand. He was released from the hospital earlier this month.

"When I saw the accident, I immediately ran towards it and was helping out. In that situation, they could've used as many helping hands as they could've found," said Austin Hines.

The Hines brothers also said there were at least eight other bystanders that jumped in to help and hope they are recognized for their heroism as well.

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