Charlie Sheen donates $10K for Fla. teen's therapy dog

Parkland teen recovers from amusement park ride accident

PARKLAND, Fla. - It's been more than two and a half years since Teagan Marti fell from an amusement park ride in Wisconsin.

The road to recovery hasn't been easy for the Parkland teen but for the first time, she is walking on her own.

"I'm walking without anything anymore," Teagan said.

And now, she's getting help from an unlikely ally: actor Charlie Sheen.

Teagan's mom, Julie Marti, has a friend who knows Sheen's godfather, who heard Teagan needed a therapy dog to help her walk and that her family's bills were piling up.

So, he called the actor.

"And so Charlie called my friend and said 'what do you need?' Marti told Local 10's Janine Stanwood.

Marti said she thought the cost of the therapy dog would be about $5,000. Sheen wired $10,000.

She said it was a good thing she was sitting down when she heard the news.

What does Teagan think?

"I think it's really great. And I want to thank him for helping us," she said.

"She's very excited. She's very grateful. We're going to name the dog Charlie," Marti said.

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