Dog has its day in court

Canine tries sneaking into court in search of his owner

MIAMI - A small dog made quite a scene at the Miami courthouse Friday as it tried to get inside, but kept getting kicked out.

Local 10 was there to catch it all on camera as the crafty canine went doggone crazy with worry when his owner left him outside the courthouse.

He scratched the doors, paced the floors, trying desperately to find a way in.

Finally, the persistent pooch found his way in through an open door.

This the doggy's day in court didn't last long. Less than a minute later, a bailiff escorted our furry friend back outside.

But he didn't go without a fight.

The bailiff then showed the cunning canine to the stairs. But the strong arm of the law was no match for this manipulating mutt who decided to use the stairs to his advantage.

Finally, a reason to jump for joy when his daddy returned.

The courthouse caper ended peacefully as man and man's best friend were reunited.

There's no word if our four-legged friend is in the dog house for causing the courthouse craziness.

Watch the video on Local 10 News at 5 p.m., then refresh this story to play it back later tonight.

Dog has its day in court